Surface Mount Assembly

Hindley Circuits has extensive experience in accurately mounting surface mount components using the most advanced equipment. As such, we currently have three fully integrated state of the art surface mount lines coupled with inline automated inspection meaning that we can guarantee increased performance and precision.

Our capacities and capabilities include:

  • Two lines to process mid to high volume batches
  • One line to process low to mid volume batches
  • Solder paste printers with under-screen clean
  • 7 zone reflow ovens with the ability to heat both top and bottom
  • Overall IPC rated capacity of up to 88,500 components per hour
  • Ability to process boards of up to 510mm x 460mm in size
  • Placement from 03015 (metric) to 55mm x 100mm
  • Paste height verification
  • Agitated stencil clean
  • Robust inspection with 3D Automated Optical Inspection Platform

With the most sophisticated technology used for inspection – a 3D Automated Optical Inspection Platform – which displays any imperfections in a dynamic view allowing operators to inspect solder joints and verify correct part assembly we can validate that solder joint quality is at its highest whilst also eliminating the subjective nature of manual inspection.

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